Hill Country Healing Arts & Massage

Healing The Hill Country since 2001

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Patrice Roisman Carter  LMT,MTI, MA,CWWP Google maps might send you wrong. Located in Deer Creek Ranch 7/10 mile from RR12  NOT off Bell Springs!! 

Please leave a voice message,512-917-0882


A short scenic drive just 8 miles from the Hill Country Galleria, 11 miles from Lohman's Crossing, or 8 miles from crossroads the of 290 & 12

Location near Hamilton Pool Rd and RR 12

17305 Lake Shore Drive

Dripping Springs, TX 78620


From RR 12 turn right on Hamilton Pool Rd and go 7tenths of a mile and turn right on Longhorn Skyway.

From highway 71 turn on to Hamilton Pool Rd and go just shy of 6 miles and turn LEFT on Longhorn Skyway.

Once on Longhorn go one mile and you'll come to a stop sign, turn right. (Sandy Beach). In a very short distance you'll come to a 4 way stop,  turn LEFT. This is Lakeshore Drive and my property is on the right hand side. Count 4 houses on the left side, and opposite#4 house is my driveway. You'll see the 17305 signs on both sides of driveway. Pull in to large driveway and walk to covered porch. Ring bell and come in.(512)917-0882 




Contact Information/Directions

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