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Ask About Special Deals For The Guys - Add a Scrub or Wrap

I've worked with athletes most of my career and they know that getting regular massage can help relax the tight muscles that surround the joints, take the pressure off of the joints and thereby relieving pain. Deep stretching helps in fighting injuries!  And YES, even the guys like a body scrubs !

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek out massage. Back pain comes in all shapes, sizes and intensities. It can be a nagging pain that comes and goes or it can be an intense burning or feeling like a stabbing knife. It can be in the low back, mid-back, upper back or neck or a little in all of these places. It can be more on one side than the other.

 A Common Cause of Hip Pain

Bursitis of the hip is the most common cause of hip pain.

 A bursa is a closed fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body. Symptoms of common Hip Bursitis: 

  • Pain on the outer side of the hip, which may radiate down the thigh.
  • Hip pain when laying on the affected side.
  • Pain on the outer side of the hip when walking, running and climbing stairs. 

A person suffering from Hip Bursitis will have hip pain over the area of the bursa, but in severe cases this pain may radiate down the leg. The pain will usually be brought on by hip movements such as walking, running, and climbing stairs.

Patients with hip bursitis can often benefit by weight reduction, stretching exercises, and proper footwear for exercise activities. Sometimes physical therapy programs can be helpful. Generally, patients should avoid hills and stairs and direct pressure on the affected hip (sleep on the other side), when possible, while symptoms are present.

Is It Arthritus?

As the cartilage in a joint deteriorates the bones begin to rub together, causing pain, swelling, and loss of motion of the joint. Tight muscles can put more stress on certain joints making it harder for the joint to move properly. Poor posture is usually a result of weakness in muscles. Tight muscles are weak muscles.

Joint degeneration may progress to points beyond healing and surgery may be the last option. Catching the first signs of arthritis early and learning to take better care of yourself can keep you from having to have knee or hip replacements. Of course your doctor will be able to help you better in such choices.