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Sessions and Pricing

 Time for a  Scrub, Wrap and a Massage !

I come with 17 years of experience, advanced training and a deep love of what I do. You deserve personal attention, so there's never a sense of being rushed here. The studio is beautiful, with places to relax and enjoy some personal quiet time. This isn't a spa but I hope you'll leave feeling you were just at one without the high cost.

All Massage sessions include these Healing add on services:

 - Aromatherapy of your choice

- Heated Memory Foam Table

- Warm Wraps for Neck, Shoulders and Back

- Hot Stones are always ready ( 2 areas )

-Hot Steamed Towels to end your session

- Cupping  ( advanced Certified coursework only for single clients ) 

 ~Sessions times run 20-30 min extra for add-ons and time to replenish ~ 

Rest afterward, herbal teas, maybe a glass of wine and chocolates. Never feel rushed

"Signature Integrative Massage"-  My years of training have taught me how to get the best results for your individual needs drawing from my knowledge of anatomy and physiology and patiently sensing the muscles.  I don't want you to leave wishing there was something more you needed but didn't mention, so please speak up.  At the end enjoy a head massage and an extra 5 minutes alone time of rest before having to arise from the table. 

60 + minutes with the above Healing add on services : Approx. 1.5 hrs - $85

90 + minute with the above Healing add on services : Approx. 2 hrs  - $120

Head, Hands, and Feet 60 + minutes + Healing add on services : Appox. 1.5 hrs -$85 

~Couples Massages-  Please call ahead as I need to contact other therapists for “duets” or I have a lovely waiting space for back 2 back sessions. Create a special mood! Lots of room to enjoy your time together and sit afterwards and sip some tea or a glass of wine. I don't always have a second therapist so call ahead. What a fabulous way to enjoy the company of a friend or loved one. Sit out on one of the two porches, listen to the birds and watch the sun reflect off the water. Need something special for the surprise, let's talk. 

Indian Head Massage -With warm medicated oils, this deep head and neck session can be done as a separate treatment on the table or seated in a chair, or added at the end of your massage. Lasts approximately 30 min. $45


Pre and Post Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a therapeutic massage focusing on the special needs of a mother-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. It helps reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains, and provide emotional release during pregnancy. Side lying only with bolster system unless less then 10 weeks. Essential oils and warm compresses add to the luxury and calming effects of your massage session and wonderful Thai compressions are helpful too .  Ask about having a plaster belly cast created to take home. Just what every new mother needs!  

Post natal - Post Partum massage promotes restoration of the abdomen and weight bearing joints and muscles, resulting in a faster return to the pre-pregnancy state. It calms the nervous system and provides support for the new mother. Essential oils and warm compresses add to the luxury and coming effects of your massage session and end with a fabulous foot scrub and warm towels! 

60 min- $85or 70 min- $95 w/added foot scrub as the finali! - Includes Healing enhancements above

Abhyanga/Ayruvedic for prenatal/postpartum-Pregnancy and delivery are the two wonderful events in the life of a woman. During this stage of life, a woman needs a special care and attention. Ayurveda has addressed a set of healthy diet and lifestyle during this period,  Ayurveda creates support for the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual growth of the mother and the baby. One of the important rituals is Abhyanga(Ayurvedic Oil Massage). Abdominal work available as is breast work but only with signed consent.  $120  Use of warmed organic herbal infused oils are used and time for rest afterward  so plan an extra 20 min post session.

Rocky Mountains Hot Stones  Feel yourself unravel~ 50 + Heated volcanic basalt stones and warm organic oils are used to massage the body. Warmed neck pillow and steamed towels for hands and feet. Essential oils ( aromatherapy) added by request The deep penetrating heat of the stones release muscular tension and balances the spirit for immediate relaxation and well-being. Good all year round no matter what the season. My stones are cleaned with using HLD!  This is a total Hot Stone session used on your entire body. Add $25 to massage prices.

Body Polishes / Scrubs / Wraps - Whole Body or Foot Treatments 

Trained at world class spas, start with a body scrub infused with organic oils mixed with with sea salt or sugar to exfoliate your skin, stimulate blood circulation and aide metabolism is then followed by being wrapped in herb infused flannel blankets. After a shower in the beautiful blue marble room, wind down with a fabulous massage. Renew your spirit, cleanse the winter blues and awake to the best you. Relax afterwards and enjoy some exotic teas or aperitif. 

Choose from a coffee with lemongrass and vanilla, mint and ginger or cinnamon and licorice or make up your own. 

Relax afterwards and enjoy some exotic teas or aperitif plus the above enhancements are always given.

Scrub or Wrap w/ 60 min Massage- $135 -w/ 90 min massage- $165( both scrub +wrap add $40 ) All require shower time.

Body Brush instead of scrub  and keep the Boars head brush also $135

Body Gloves + 60 min massage - $120 ( no shower necessary )

Body Brushing/Foot Scrub + Massage $140 (hot towels no shower)

Scrub Alone ( with shower ) - $50

Body Brushing/Foot Scrub +  60 min Massage $140 (hot towels no shower)

Balancing Ayurvedic Body Wraps are also offered and performed based on your dosha- $240

120 min session includes wrap-body brushing ( Garshana ) and 70 min Ahabyanga massage and rest.

~Deep Sleep Aromatherapy Massage- Melt away the stress of the day with a massage geared for settling down all the mind shatter. The calming vapors inhaled during this treatment create an amazing sensory experience highlighting the power of touch with smell. Enhanced by strategic use of warmed stones, soothing foot wraps, an herbal eye pack. Followed with relaxing herbal teas. 70min total time $110 or 100min total -$145(always with added time at the end )

~Peppermint or Lavender Foot Treatment - Exfoliate, smooth and soften with organic sugar and grapefruit, while the power of peppermint energizes and revitalizes your hardworking feet! Add to almost any treatment  25min/$35  


Planning a party or special event around the Hill Country? 

I'll bring my services to you and your friends , or I can host a spa party here at my place. Let me help you set up that special occasion. Call me for pricing.

Sorry, no steep tall flights of stairs ( a few steps up no problem )  

Average Outcall -$30 per person

  Blissful Ad-Ons:Scrubs Alone  includes shower time  $50

Deep Scalp, Cranium and Neck Massage for headaches and tension - extra 15 min - $20

~Aromatherapy -always free 

~Dry Brushing Exfoliation to any service  ( take home a great boars head brush) $30 - Garshana -$55

~Steaming Aromatherapy Hot Towels. FREE

~Foot Ritual /w scrub +peppermint foot cream $35 app 20 min or Foot Soak + Scrub + foot massage- $50 ( 40 min)  

~Please Do My Feet More! -10min EXTRA minutes of bliss - $10

~Organic Tea, Coffee, Filtered water or other beverages plus fruit, chocolates, more. Wine upon request 

Additional charges for out calls -" Average" charge of $30 per person. I will travel longer but discuss charges first. For 3 or more  clients I do lower the  price. Within 5 miles from my studio $20 



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