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Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy


These therapies are a significant part of the healing process in Ayurvedic medicine and originated from ancient Indian traditions. Both balancing and rejuvenating, they are also lovingly relaxing and stress reducing. Herbal infused aromas and oils are used to support individual care. 

Wonderful for the relief of chronic stress and anxiety.


 Shirodhara - This procedure helps to improve cognitive function allowing you to feel invigorated,  peaceful, with a clear and calm mind. Shirodhara is a profound and relaxing treatment where warm oil is   poured slowly in a continuous stream on the forehead. It magnifies the senses, disperses negative electrical   impulses that accumulate because of stress, reverses imbalances within the body, synchronizes brain waves   and calms the nervous system. As most Ayurveda therapies have their impact on the physical and energy   sheaths of the subtle body system, Shirodhara most effectively purifies the mental sheath, promoting a calm   and balanced state of the mind.  30 min - $80 / 45 min - $120 / 60 min - $145

Abhyanga  This warm oil massage strengthens, nourishes and increases longevity of the body. It stimulates the organs, benefits the skin and relaxes the mind. Abhyanga is an luxurious Ayurveda massage technique that is performed by using individually prepared herb-infused, oil remedies which are carefully chosen in accordance to one’s specific body constitution. Abhyanga is beneficial in many ways as it deeply penetrates the skin, and relaxes the mind and body. It stimulates lymphatic circulation, enhances the delivery of nutrients to the cells and removes the stagnant waste that is in the body. Warm oils are used in your hair for a short champisagge. The addition of a full 30 min warm oil head massage is available too.

60 min - $115 or 90 min $155 - Often started with dry brushing or Garshana to stimulate lymphatic flow- Add $30

Swedana is an individualized herbal steam bath. Swedana is a unique treatment where the head is kept cool during the steam bath while the body is heated to remove impurities found deep within the tissues. The process opens the tissues of the body with heat saturation and oil. When the tissues open, toxins or ama, deep-seated in the body, can be expelled out of the skin. This helps reduce inflammation, promotes healing, and improves blood circulation and restoration. Steam without addition of herbs - 20 min/$35.00  ( add $5 for herbs ) -  A poltice of clays can be applied to the body before the canopy is placed - $20  (Wonderful addition at the end of any western modality too)

Garshana Silk Gloves Massage - An energizing, oil-free massage using silk gloves to stimulate lymph flow and toxin removal. Increases circulation, aids in cellulite reduction and brings a glow to the skin. Garshana is a very nice addition to an Ahbyanga massage or as a short stand-alone treatment. app 30 minutes @ $40.00


**** See below for information on wonderful Ayurvedic counselor ****

Abhyanga Bliss Session Abhyanga massage followed by Shirodhara 

Three Layers of Bliss - Abhyanga, Shirodhara & Swedana 

Garshana Bliss Session -  Abhyanga massage with Garshana 

Total Bliss Session -Garshana+ Abhyanga+Shirodhara  

Grand Bliss Session - Garshana+Abhyanga +Shirodhara +Swedana - depends on length of services (60 -90 min Abhyanga and length of Swedana 30-45 min )  Starting at $355


Enhancements can be added to certain treatments:

Pado Abhyanga Oil Foot Massage $25

Shiro Abhyanga Oil Scalp Massage $35 (an additional 20 min scalp massage )


In Ayurveda,Sweat/Steam Therapy ( Swedana) is used to effectively dislodge and liquefy the toxins and improve digestion. It is done after the oleation Abhyanga(oil treatment) or Udvartana (Herbal exfoliation). With the help of Swedana, Ama (undigested food toxins) easily starts flowing from the tissues back to the GI tract and blood circulation also improves. This also helps to relieve and reduce fat tissue and muscle tension. When the toxins are back in the GI tract, they are easily expelled from the body with the help of Panchakarma (ayurvedic detox procedure) therapies.  Appropriate herbs or essentials oils are added to the steam. Traditionally in Ayurveda, Swedana is suggested in conditions, such as arthritis, poor circulation, poor metabolism, poor thyroid functioning, cold, cough, headache, earache, constipation,  etc..

In certain cases, Swedana is not recommended, for example, heart disease, high blood pressure, after purgation, skin diseases, anemia, jaundice, during pregnancy, during the menstruation cycle.

These are often done as a series of 3 treatments within a week or once a week over a series of 4 weeks. Call for details 

What is Shirodhara and how is it performed? - A thin thread of warmed oil is poured over the forehead and scalp. Shirodhara relaxes and calms the mind, pacifies vatha, cleanses, calms, and balances the nervous system, relieves stress, quiets the senses, and improves mental clarity. Shirodhara improves the body’s healing ability and is used before the rejuvenation (Kriya karma) therapies. Shirodhara is usually repeated several times a week for optimal benefits. Shirodhara also adds luster and sheen to the hair, reduces dry scalp, for healthier hair and scalp. Please bring a towel to wrap your hair 

~ Balancing Ayurvedic Body Wraps are performed based on your dosha-

The Ayurvedic Wraps are based upon centuries-old Ayurvedic therapies that support balance and bliss in your life. The revitalizing and therapeutic treatments offered are customized to your particular needs. Dosha specific oils and herbs are used for your  specific body constitution (dosha) which are called  Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.  Leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with a sense of peace.  90 min - $165

Other benefits are: 
Strengthens Immune System                                                                                                                                                                                               Nourishes the cells, tissues and energy channels                                                                                                                                                               Imparts softness, strength and color to the body
Decreases the effects of aging
Nourishes the body
Increases longevity
Benefits sleep patterns
Benefits skin
Strengthens the body’s tolerance
Imparts a firmness to the limbs
Imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body
Stimulates the internal organs of the body, increasing circulation
Pacifies vata and pitta

Antonia Warren-Ayurvedic Counselor

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Click here for a study on the medical effects of Swedana https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3821243/