Hill Country Healing Arts & Massage

Healing The Hill Country since 2002

Watsu and Aquatic Bodywork


 Experience what you've never thought a massage could be~ Nirvana

Offering Watsu and Waterdance, aquatic sessions in a beautiful warm pool just outside Wimberley -

only 15 miles from 290/12 intersection

A 3 dimensional aquatic approach to healing free from gravity.

Watsu ®...a sequence of gentle movements and stretches, as you are held in warm water that relaxes and nurtures your body, mind and spirit. Watsu releases stress, opens the heart and quiets the mind. Supported by water, you are moved with the rhythm of your breath in ways impossible on land, resulting in greater flexibility and freedom.

Waterdance ...continuing the flow, the next sensation is that of being slowly brougth just beneath the surface of the water wearing noseclips. With each exhale you begin to feel enfolded by the water. Here now the ability to fly under the surface of the water, allowing sequences of rolls and flows until you believe you are a dancer in the clouds. Once again you feel the rythmn of the water and sense the beat of your heart as it calls out in unbelievable joy and freedom.
Call me to experience something the will reveal your soul.   512-917-0882

Breath          Exhale        Breath